Emmett Zeifman

We spotted this well-dressed New Yorker, Emmett Zeifman, in front of the Ferry Building. First thing that caught my eye…that jacket. Green is my favorite color so my eye is naturally drawn to anything in the Green family. Olive is pretty much at the top of my list of favorite green shades. I love the way Emmett incorporates the jacket with the other colors. Gentlemen, if you happen to have an Olive jacket hanging in your closet, here is a great way to wear it. I love how the brown leather shoes and belt compliment the jacket. Also loving black with brown lately. Paired with the chambray button up shirt, the outfit has a woodsy/nature/sky color palette. I’m not sure if that was what Emmett was going for, but I know in my own experience that if you are wondering how to put colors together, you can look for inspiration in nature. In this outfit, I think of the colors you see when hiking. Blue sky, grey fog, brown bark, olive leaves. You get the picture? Have fun with it. There is this website that I discovered a long time ago called ColourLovers (they were around before Adobe’s Kuler…most likely the inspiration for Kuler). Anyways, they have this one feature that lets you create a color palette from a photograph. It’s called Photocopa. I know it’s a common problem when you have certain garment that is an incredible color but you might not know how to style it and you don’t want to cheat by pairing it with either black, white or a monochromatic look. We’ll here is your solution. Photographers, Designers, and Nature have already picked out colors that look good together. Just find the color combinations you like, and there you go, no more boring outfits for you.

Emmett supported a local merchant by purchasing his Barbour jacket at Welcome Stranger in Hayes Valley. Check out their Lookbook online for some great styling inspiration. The finishing touch to Emmett’s look are his tortoiseshell (another favorite of mine) sunglasses. The outfit is rugged, yet clean. A great choice for a weekend exploring the city.

The Attire:
Jacket – Barbour
Jeans – Levi’s 501
Cardigan – J. Crew
Shirt- Ralph Lauren Outlet
Boots – Eastland
Sunglasses – Ray Ban


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