Steven St. Claire

Steven St. Claire – Accordionist & Balladeer
We discovered Steven St. Claire (what an adorable name!) playing his accordion near the Powell cable car turnaround. There he was looking like someone back in time, all dressed up, accordion in his arms, playing his heart out. Such a trig and polished picture. The whole setup. A gorgeous black and white accordion. The red lined trunk at his feet with his coat neatly draped over. His tortoise shell glasses, tie and dress shoes. Determination painted across his face. Standing there all alone with a throng behind him.

I got his card and found his blog. On his blog, he writes:

While standing portrays an aura of virility and trustworthiness, something still had to be done about my clothes. To be in earnest about my earning, I would simply have to wear my nicest clothes. Thus, I’ve been donning my suits. This is crucial, as it not only instills in my clients the sense that they are being treated to a luxury, It makes me feel like a million damn dollars, as something that people are ready to look at and adore. Honestly, I’m going out of my way to shave everyday and wear clean socks, and you know what, true believers, its going a long way.

St. Claire, you have essentially defined the essence of “trig and polished”. I love your bravery, your determination and your passion for doing what you love, no matter how difficult it can be. Best of luck on your tour and thank you for being so trig and polished!

3 Responses to “Steven St. Claire”
  1. This is where it’s at! From the moment I read his name, I knew this would be a good one. He definitely lives up to it 🙂

  2. I agree! Everything about him screams old-fashioned romance. The instrument choice, the perfect name, the lone musician traveling from Missouri and heading West, realizing the importance of looking trig and polished… a true gentleman. T&P wishes the best for him.

  3. And I love the brilliant smile he flashed at us even though he was probably tired and weary from playing all day.

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