Running into Michiel was the perfect case of “You’ll find what you are looking for when you stop looking”. After a couple hours of style-hunting around the Ferry Building and really finding nothing that jumped out at us, Alexandra and I decided to take a little break and grab some iced drinks. So there we were, hands full of equipment and iced tea, walking along when all of a sudden I see this man. We approached him and I noticed the amazing shoes and all the details of his outfit and I realized, I can’t let this one get away. So, I threw my drink in Alexandra’s fumbling arms and started taking his picture (after we got his permission, of course). I like that he deviates from the norm by wearing a leather blazer. He takes risks but he styles it very well. The color palette is gorgeous with the blues, greys and browns. It’s obvious by looking at the picture that Michiel is a trend setter. And… that he must have a shoe collection to die for. Thanks, Michiel!

One Response to “Michiel”
  1. Adriana,

    Not sure about his belt and hair….but the shoes and jacket are killer. Great find and I look forward to learning from your blog!

    Keep up the great work.



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