Trig and Polished at the Ferry Building

This trig man was spotted from across the street as he stood out from all the business suits and tourists in his stylish ensemble. My eyes zeroed in on his black wool coat and then when I saw the rest of the outfit, I told my assistant, Alexandra, that we had to get his picture. Everything about this man is trig, from his hair to his brown leather dress shoes. The length and cut of his garments fit him perfectly. Notice the length of his pants and where they meet his shoes, and the length of his sleeves. I especially like the hidden detail of his watch peeking out from under his left sleeve. Small details like that really add to the look. One of the make-it or break-it details are the person’s shoes. Shoes are extremely important when it comes to the whole look. A lot of times we will see men that have the right clothing but then we scan to their shoes and it just kills it. This is a very well put-together outfit. Thank you, Sir!


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